36 Ideas for 36 Games

36 opportunities to reward your staff, impress clients and increase business with your 36 games

1. Use tickets to re-connect with customers who haven’t done business with you recently. Taking them to a game may be a way to bring them back.

2. Get to know key co-workers or business colleagues outside of the office.

3. Reward your suppliers and vendors who consistently meet deadlines.

4. Hand out to your employees or loyal customers on their birthday, on holidays, or just to say thanks.

5. Run a weekly sales contest and reward the winner with a pair of tickets.

6. Create a referral program that rewards clients for bringing you new business.

7. Reward an employee who comes up with a savings suggestion.

8. Take a potential customer and close the sale at the arena.

9. Offer tickets to a customer who continues to be loyal to your business.

10. Welcome a new employee to the company.

11. Package your tickets with a product/service that you want to push.

12. Give the tickets to an employee who used great customer service to help a disgruntled client.

13. Offer them to a manager from a different department to reward their staff.

14. Offer your tickets to a service person from another company who has taken care of you.

15. Boost your own career potential by networking at the arena.

16. Thank a new customer for their business.

17. Reward a department that hits their quota for the week, or meets other performance goals.

18. Give the tickets to an employee who stays late to finish a project or meet a deadline.

19. Take the staff out for dinner at the Lion’s Den and then follow up business meeting with a game.

20. Give the tickets to your Admin staff.

21. Reward an employee who gets a compliment sent to the office from a customer.

22. Set up a ballot box to give tickets away, while collecting an important database.

23. Set up a business card exchange with a ticket giveaway.

24. Work with your staff to create a sign up sheet to pre-plan ticket distribution.

25. Set up online promotion to increase traffic to your website, Facebook or Twitter account.

26. Get out with friends and take in a game together.

27. Reward your children for good grades. Go to the game with them or let them go with their friends.

28. Offer them to a friend who baby sits or takes your kids to school/after school activities.

29. Use your unused tickets to bring a group of staff to one of our Raincheck nights.

30. Offer the tickets to a stranger on the street that was courteous to you.

31. Use the tickets personally and take out your partner for dinner and entertainment.

32. Offer tickets to someone who has given you good service lately.

33. Use tickets as presents for holidays or birthdays.

34. Donate tickets to a worthy charity and use it as a tax write-off.

35. Spend some time with your father and enjoy a hockey game together.

36. Give the tickets to a member of a sports team you sponsor.

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