Behind the Bench – “Schultzy for 3”

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As told by Royals Assistant Coach JF Best

The Game:

Oil Kings (14-4-3-2) at Royals (10-8-1-0) – Friday Nov 22nd, 2019

Edmonton ranked 8th in the CHL rankings 

The Scenario: 

  • Just under 8 mins left in the 3rd
  • Victoria leads 4-3
  • Edmonton on the Power Play

The Play:
This clip features a decisive sequence in the game.  Although the focus is on #27 Phillip Schultz (middle of the screen), it can’t happen without the contributions of #9 Matthew Smith (right side of the screen).  We’ve slowed the clip down in 3 key spots to help you recognize what makes it so great:

  1. It all starts with excellent balance and spatial awareness by Schultzy. This allows him to remain in the shooting lane and deny the shot with good shot blocking technique.
  1. Smitty is then quick to recognize a bouncing puck and immediately apply pressure on the Edmonton player. While thats happening, Schultzy has already read the passing lane to the top, and with good defensive stick technique, picks off the pass.
  1. Already anticipating the pressure from above, Phillip soft chips the puck into the neutral zone, which allows him to take full strides to create separation from the defender and a breakaway. Before the shot, he toe-pulls the puck to change the shooting angle, which forces the goalie to reset his angle, right as Schultzy releases the puck short side shelf.

…Follows it up with a Carmelo Celly as the hats rain down in Victoria on a Friday night.

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